Four Weathercocks

Marick Press (April 2016)


Cass coverThe landscapes of Four Weathercocks are charged with the wills and desires of humans who move “through marsh and sinuous burrow,” taking the measure of moments, working together or at cross-purposes. These places are at risk: In one poem a subterranean fire tracks a tree’s root system, in another the shore is coated in crude oil — and domestic interiors are no less hazardous. The poet does what orienteering is possible, using every sense and sound.

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Praise for Four Weathercocks:

“A musical ear and fearless vocabulary; an intelligence that thinks naturally in metaphor; happy, expectation-busting flights of thought and image: Cleghorn applies these gifts
to the personal losses and communal disasters of real life.”

~Robert Pinsky

“Not merely celebratory, not simply deep: this poetry takes joy as a practice, learns holiness in every fold and bend of the body, finds rapturous new form where anger and hurt do their dark work. Poet Cleghorn observes so deeply she seems to possess extra senses, like an insect’s compound eyes, or the intense perceptivity and agility of hairy feelers, but this voice doesn’t go a line without its full and expansive humanness, exposing the truth that Art, Paradise, Void, Love, are all made of natural stuff.”

~Brenda Shaughnessy

“Let’s consider wind a force as internal as it is external, that there is a spiritual wind as surely as there is an elemental one. Thinking so might be prerequisite work to hear Cleghorn’s granular, singular, creaturely music and the world to which it gives score.”

~Dan Beachy-Quick

“Throughout Cleghorn’s debut collection, the poet flings herself into her poems
as Hopkins did, with an abandon trued by the ‘muscle memory’ that comes of mastering her craft. . . . Sound moves dazzlingly through these lines, its source the cave ‘where we lodge our griefs,’ the poet’s chest a resonant instrument.”

~Lee Sharkey

“What is most impressive about this collection is Cleghorn’s ability to voice, yet never dilute the presence of mystery. . . . Four Weathercocks is a triumph for both its lofty intention and Cassandra Cleghorn’s exemplary execution.”

~John Amen